Animal Coins Purses – Canvas

Animal Coins Purses – Canvas

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These animal-styled purses are acknowledged and loved by Marie Claire, Asos and Anthropologie. While designing bags to feature the fourfold trims, Dialog thought of animals as the global icon that would best appeal and speak to all cultures and ages. These purses are currently available in the shape of a bird, fish, horse or dinosaur that come in colourful cotton prints or leatherettes. The bird signifies hope and peace, the fish points to prosperity and productivity, the horse represents love and strength, and the dinosaur, uniqueness.

There has various colours with different trimmings, please contact us to have more details.

* These purses are unique collectables.This fair-trade trimmings are made with fabrication unique and different from another.

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Dimensions (DxWxH) 22 × 17 cm



Recycled fairtrade trims


Zipper closure